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DIY Wedding Flowers 50 Roses and 30 Super Gerberas is a flashy, impressionistic, and toned pack, presenting all the timeless beauty and classic profoundness behind the rose and merging it with the casual tranquility of the super gerbera. The 50 stems of roses included in this pack are divided into sets of 25, each with their own choice color from our 13 options, giving a specified fluidity and complimentary aspect to the mix. Thirty super gerberas have 10 choice colors, along with the opportunity to choose the center color of the daisies. Three bunches of choice filler are also provided, giving a roll-between for the pack, as well as two bunches of both soft greens and hearty greens. This permits the pack to cover your every wedding flower needs.

Save money on your wedding or party flowers by ordering from Fifty Flowers. The fresh flowers are shipped to your door a few days before your event. Affiliate link.

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