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Wedding Gown Preservation Kits

Preserve your bridal gown with a variety of kits by the Wedding Gown Preservation Co. Complete wedding dress preservation with the Traditional or deluxe Celebrity Line. You will receive a box and shipping label to ship your gown to the Wedding Gown Preservation Company who will professionally clean and preserve your dress and ship it back to you within a few weeks in a presentation storage box. Founded in 1913, the company has had generations of brides preserve their gowns with them. Their 100% organic cleaning methods have been proven and recognized by the International Fabric Institute as the best methods in the gown preservation industry. They have the highest standard of quality and care of bridal gowns in cleaning and preservation. 100 Year Guarantee certificate includes reprocessing if gown yellows over time.

Join over 3 million brides since 1913!

Ordering your kit: 

  • Choose from the Traditional Line - Prepaid shipping kit each way, $500 declared value, gown cleaning and preservation, 3 additional items included, white finish chest, 100 year certificate.
  • Or Celebrity Line (recommended for gowns over $800 value) - Everything above plus a silver finish chest, hand pressing, $1500 declared value, opportunity to personalize your kit.
  • Your shipping kit will be sent to you directly from the Wedding Gown Preservation Co. and you will be notified of the tracking number.

Sending in your dress:

  • The gown shipping kit includes a safe, sturdy shipping box, packaging tape, heavy plastic bag to protect your gown, free pre-paid FedEx shipping label, paperwork, stickers to mark your dress and instructions. 
  • You fill out the return shipping paperwork, place the stain stickers, pack your gown (and any additional items) in the bag, box it up, secure with tape and attach the shipping label.
  • Be sure to include your email address so that you will receive notifications about the progress of your gown preservation.
  • Then, simply drop the package off at FedEx or give to your driver. 
  • You also have the option to add more shipping insurance and/or request extra repair work at this time. 
  • See video below!

Dress check in:



  • Your gown arrives at the Wedding Gown Preservation Company, is unboxed and given an ID number and barcode for their GownTracker system, where it can always be traced and tracked.
  • A fabric expert examines the dress to identify trouble areas with a UV light in addition to those you have marked with stain stickers. All information is included in your gown's report card to be addressed during cleaning.
  • Your gown is racked in a state of the art system for its journey through cleaning and preservation through the air controlled facility.

 Museum quality cleaning:

  • The SYSTEMK4 cleaning technology system is used to clean your gown. It is completely organic and more effective at removing deep set stains than other dangerous dry cleaning chemicals.
  • The 3 step process removes stains such as: sugar, dirt, grass, pen, blood, sweat, food, makeup, and fabric yellowing.
  • The PRENETTK4, The Brushing Agent, removes soils and stains. It is safe for the environment and leaves your gown unscented.
  • CLIPK4, The Detergent Concentrate, is an award winning, highly concentrated dry cleaning detergent that leaves long lasting hygienic freshness. It protects from future yellowing, has anti-static properties, and has proven safe and effective in cleaning a wide range of delicate fabrics.
  • Finally, VINOYK4, The Water and Stain Repellent Agent, helps fabric repel both water and future stains which protect it over the years while in the preservation chest.
  • If a stain can't be removed, you will be contacted with the next available steps for treatment or repair.

Other repair & boxing:

  • Dress tears, fabric pulls, runs, loose threads, loose beading, or other material damage can be repaired by the in-house master seamstress.
  • Now your dress is ready to be placed in its preservation chest to be protected from dust and UV damage. The chests are acid neutral and contain acid-free tissue paper per the fabric handling guidelines by the International Fabricare Institute. 
  • Your kit features a UV protected window, bust to prevent fabric wrinkling over time, muslin wrap or acid free tissue paper, and 100 year certificate of guarantee.
  • It features a unique tie-down system that is designed to keep your gown secure without causing stress to the fabric. Your gown is lightly pressed and carefully placed in the chest, along with your optional accessories.
  • Kits come in 3 sizes to accommodate all sizes and shapes of gowns. Accessories will be placed at the bottom, below the window, but a veil will be secured to the side of the dress so it is visible. 
  • If you have more than the 3 included accessories, a separate kit can be purchased for them. Simply note this on your paperwork when sending in all the items.

Delivery of your dress:






  • Your completed preservation kit is now boxed in a crush-proof durable shipping container and sent back to you.
  • If you included your email address, you will be notified with tracking information as well as track progress with the GownTracker system.
  • A signature will be required and deliveries can not be made to  PO Box.
  • When your gown arrives, you should give it a light inspection using the white gloves provided, then reseal it. Note: Do not completely remove the gown from the chest or your warranty will be voided. Damages must be reported within 15 days.
  • Store your gown in a cool, dry area.